Beaumont COVID-19 Serological Study


April 24, 2020

Dear BCP Physician:

Beaumont Care Partners cares about our physician members’ personal health, safety, and well-being – especially during this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. As you may have seen in the Washington Post and other media outlets, Beaumont Health started a massive serological study last week. Beaumont is one of six organizations in the U.S. with the ability to test for COVID-19 IgG antibody using a high throughput platform from EUROIMMUN, a PerkinElmer company. You are already a healthcare hero, and as a critical provider in the Beaumont Health Network, BCP has secured you early access to this antibody testing. Participation is voluntary – if you choose to get tested, there is no cost to you, and your results will contribute to what is already the nation’s largest research study into COVID-19 antibody testing.

A separate email will be sent to your email address by Tuesday April 28th. The invitation will contain details for participation in this research study, a personal consent form with access code, as well as instructions on how to schedule your blood draw and how to access your results.

Serology testing is emerging technology in the war on COVID-19 and is being positioned as an important part of states’ and employers’ return-to-work protocol(s). For those of us (like you) who never stopped working, we hope early access to this test and your results can provide some level of clarity to your exposure to the virus and potentially some level of protection as Michigan thinks about getting back to work. Check your Beaumont email for your invitation and feel free to contact BCP with any questions at (947) 522-0039 or This is a unique opportunity available to you as a valued BCP member.

What is Serologic Testing?

A serologic test is a blood test conducted on an individual to identify specific antibodies within the blood. There are a variety of serologic tests available. Serologic tests focus on proteins that are developed by the immune system to protect against a variety of foreign invaders that could potentially make an individual sick.


Belal Abdallah, MD – BCP Chair

Ryan Catignani – BCP Executive Director

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