How to Join


First, membership in BCP will be completely voluntary; the practice authorized signer will need to choose whether the practice will participate by signing a BCP Clinical Integration Network Participation Agreement that articulates the criteria for participation and the participation category the practice desires to participate under.  Each physician will also sign a BCP participation acknowledgement exhibit.

Second, since BCP is the provider network of the new Beaumont Health Employee Health Plan (BHEHP), the practice authorized signer will be required to sign an updated BHEHP participation agreement. Each physician will also sign a BHEHP participation acknowledgement exhibit.

Third, physicians will be required to collaborate with their physician colleagues and the health system in the development and adoption of a number of BCP clinical initiatives that will enhance the quality, service and cost-effectiveness of patient care.

Fourth, physicians will need to hold themselves and each other accountable for compliance with the clinical initiatives of the clinically integrated network, including its disciplinary and remediation efforts should physicians not meet the benchmarks set by the program.

Please refer to the instructions on page 3 of the contract package, which is available by calling 947.522.0039 or emailing

Please use the form below to communicate any changes in physician or practice demographics, including addresses, phone numbers, etc. Also use this form to remove or add a physician. 

Download Provider Addition Form pdf

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