Key Facts

Key Facts

Beaumont Care Partners (BCP) is managed by:

  • Physician-led subcommittees and a physician-dominated board of managers.
  • Organizational development funds provided by Beaumont Health and Beaumont ACO.

BCP is:

  • A program led by physicians affiliated with Beaumont Health System.
  • A network of physicians opting to collaborate with the health system to utilize evidence-based, quality initiatives to improve quality and efficiency of care.
  • The provider network for the new system-wide Beaumont Health Employee Health Plan.
  • A network of physicians who will negotiate with health plans and employers for reimbursement aligned with demonstrated value.

BCP is not:

  • A program led by the hospitals.
  • Physician employment.
  • Costly to physicians.
  • An agreement that will put individual physician fees at risk.
  • An exclusive network.
  • Capitation.

Did you know?

  • Participation in Beaumont Care Partners is voluntary and non-exclusive. It does not limit a physician's ability to contract independently with health plans and/or other clinical integration programs, physician organizations, physician hospital organizations or accountable care organizations.
  • You are not automatically enrolled as a member of Beaumont ACO or other physician organizations.
  • Payer agreements entered into by BCP are subject to review and approval of the physician-led BCP finance and contracting committee and the physician-led BCP Board of Managers and will be focused on unique opportunities in the marketplace.
  • Beaumont Health Employee Health Plan is the first contract to be held by BCP.
  • BCP has multiple participation categories with support to move you to progressive levels of risk as your risk tolerance and performance on quality metrics support it.
  • The BCP physician participation agreement provides single signature contract authority to BCP. This allows BCP to commit providers within a specific participation category to any new contract which BCP enters into.  This is a common methodology utilized by clinical integrated networks throughout the country.
  • Physicians hold 11 of the 14 seats on the BCP Board of Managers.
  • Any quality information you share with the BCP is confidential and protected by language in each Network Participation Agreement.
  • A Physician can terminate participation in BCP at any time, for any reason, wit 90 days prior written notice.
  • All policies of BCP related to participation, the quality program, payer agreements and physician performance review are developed and implemented by the physician-led committees and the Board of Managers.

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