ATTN:  Category B, C, and D Providers: 2018 BHEHP Quality Program data is being compiled. Participation / Performance checks and details are planned to be distributed by mid-December.


We would like to announce the 2018 Beaumont Care Partners (BCP) Quality Initiatives for the Beaumont Health Employee Health Plan (BHEHP). Your participation in BCP as a category B member requires you to track and report these services for the BHEHP patient population.

As in 2017, BCP will focus on quality metrics across three domains – Comprehensive Diabetic Care, Adult Prevention and Screening, and Pediatric Prevention and Screening. Please refer to the enclosed material to better understand the quality measures in each domain and the required chart documentation. Additional information regarding the appropriate CPT 4 Category II codes needed for reporting if you are not currently transmitting though the Wellcentive patient registry has also been included.

Please note the following changes to the 2017 BHEHP Quality Program for 2018:

  • The Controlling High Blood Pressure (CBP) measure definition is changed to be consistent with PQRS Measure #317: “Percentage of patients aged 18 years and older seen during the reporting period who were screened for high blood pressure AND a recommended follow-up plan is documented based on the current blood pressure (BP) reading as indicated”; and,
  • The Diabetes Comprehensive measure (COMP_DIAB) from the 2017 BHEHP Quality Program has been removed; however, the individual diabetes measures will remain; and,
  • The dollars budgeted to the 2018 BHEHP Quality Program will be weighted and applied equally across all 2018 measures, including Counseling for Nutrition Children/Adolescents – WCCb1, HbA1C Level <7 for a Selected Population – Control <7, HbA1C Poor Control >9 – Poor Control >9.

Participants in BCP category B are awarded an uplift on the fee schedule for BHEHP during the 2018 calendar year to assist in any additional efforts that may be required by your office to report these measures. Quality incentive opportunities for reaching specific target thresholds for each quality metric will be paid out in 2019 if targets are met. We will provide more information as those opportunities are clearly developed.

Thank you for your commitment to improving care through your participation in the BCP clinical integration network. If you have questions or need more detailed information, please call (313) 586-5440.

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